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Created by A Life Without Limit, RecoveryTrak is an app designed with one purpose, to provide a form of aftercare, a management system, and support that is available 24 hours a day for those in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. By delivering this full-spectrum, comprehensive recovery management system via mobile app, we offer a number of revolutionary therapy features with management solutions that work, to palm of the user's hand. 

The Problem

Currently aftercare is the least utilized piece of treatment. It is published that 60-90% of people who receive residential treatment will relapse within the first 90 days of their recovery. This statistic alone is enough to demonstrate that aftercare and aftercare planning is absolutely vital in the success of long-term and permanent recovery. Almost all treatment programs, at all levels of care, will publicize that they provide aftercare planning or aftercare. Reality is most do not, and those that do, don’t do enough because there is no real money in setting up client’s aftercare, and following up regularly with them. 

The Solution

Utilize the features RecoveryTrak offers to stay responsible to yourself and to your recovery, accountable to your loved ones and peers, and connected with any treatment program you’ve attended and others in recovery. 


With RecoveryTrak:

  • Utilize daily inventory and mood monitors to stay on top of your daily goals remaining present and self-aware

  • Take advantage of the medication reminders 

  • Participate in daily readings and inspiration

  • Find local support meetings to attend with your friends

  • Keep track of your progress and the time you’ve been clean

  • Work the steps with or without your sponsor using the 12 Step Guide

  • Connect regularly with your treatment team

RecoveryTrak is offering programs a licensed and customizable version of the app and software. Programs will have access to a platform to keep in touch with, track and monitor clients during and after treatment. 


By purchasing this app programs will be a part of the solution, truly promoting and participating in the long term sobriety of their clients and in generating the data needed to establish treatment standards for care.

Please contact for more information on everything else RecoveryTrak can provide your treatment program.


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